Monday, May 20, 2019

Thug Lyfe - Bob and RAEG

Next up are a couple of old Citadel Chaos Thugs from the 80's. I didn't actually own them back then - they are both somewhat recent acquisitions from Ebay lots. Naturally, they have ropey proportions and just an overall odd feel to them, and that's probably why I like them so much! So here you go, Bob and Raeg (spelling intentional) - Chaos Thugs for lyfe.

Bob on the left, Raeg on the Rihgt.
Butt shots - my pics show me SO MANY mistakes!

Shields. Raeg is a full-on Khorne fanboy. Bob is still uncertain.


Oddly dramatic shot courtesy of my dumb phone camera. 
Yes, I see the missed lock of hair.

Both thugs have the appearance of "just joined Chaos and got our first attributes" recruits. Raeg here obviously got "Brightly-Patterned Skin" for his, and boy-oh-boy is he pleased that it's RED. This miniature's cartoonish, over-exaggerated ANGERY (spelling also intentional) pose could only land him in a Khorne warband (that, and I am also a big Khorne fanboy). I mean, he's screaming at the ground for fuck's sake! It's like he saw a spider on his foot, and now he's all, "DO YOU CHALLENGE ME TO A DUEL SIR?!?!" Being a worshiper of the Blood God, he won't miss a few absent toes; especially if he rolled a couple Personaliy Losses too.


Smug old Bob.

Bob also has his first attribute - Horns. He's probably worried that they'll affect his chances with the ladies. Unlike Raeg, he's not sure that Khorne is right for him (he probably joined just because Raeg is his drinking buddy/frat brother), so he just has a Chaos Undivided star on his shield. Come on Bob, commit! You know how everyone sees Chaos Undivided types:

Blood, Sex, Disease or WTFBBQ. Choose one.
Bob is hoping that he can sneak away from Raeg to join a less noisy (psychotic) warband. "Didn't I hear about a god of excess or something? That would be cool." 

Up next on the painting desk? Who the hell knows? I'm pretty much going as my fancy takes me until I make myself work on one of my aforementioned projects (you know - I mentioned them last year :/).

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