Wednesday, January 23, 2019

"They Were Once Men..."

Super-quick one here. This here fella is my dismounted version of the Ringwraith that will lead my 500 point Mordor army for GW's Lord of the Rings game. The learned reader will note that he began life as a Citadel C18 Night Horrors "Wraith With Sickle".

"Eyyyy, batta, batta!"

A simple weapon swap with a plastic GW Empire soldier, and a paintjob that didn't even take as long as the swap did, and he's a done deal! I drybrushed some brown around his hem to represent mud on his robes (but especially to break up the monotonous black and grey scheme). Great miniature - absolutely full of menace.

His sword. Good for Hobbit-chopping.

So what will I do for the mounted version? Well I've had the old Fiend Factory Wraith on Zombie Horse for YEARS now, and he's a perfect fit for the job.

Not my pic. Mine is just undercoated black ATM, and impossible to get a good picture.

Still not 100% sure how to actually paint the horse (it's why I was scared to paint the miniature since I got it in the 80's), but I'll figure it out.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

For Reference...

Just putting a couple pics of my old Conqueror robot (painted circa 1989) up, just to host them for another site...

Three More BB Skaven

Not much else to add, two linemen and a cool-looking blitzer from the Jes Goodwin Skaven era.

I think I'm getting a little heavy with the orange highlights.

I love these miniatures, but for some reason it feels like a chore to make myself do them (and it shows in the work). Oh well, I only have four left (another blitzer, thrower, and two linemen) and this project will be done - except for the cheerleaders that I need to convert from old Ral Partha ratmen. And a couple other specials. And I'll need to paint the four variant figures that I don't have (if I ever get them) as well as the Hackflem Skuttlespike mini (if I ever get that).

So yeah! almost done! :)