Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sometimes One Thing Follows Another did this bit of terrain from GW's graveyard set.

Dig that attempt at visual interest!

As with most of my terrain, this was just a lot of drybrushing up from a black undercoat. A light wash of Nihilakh Oxide (had to look that up to spell it) on the statue for the patina.

Ok, you got me - that's a blue towel.
Fun thing to slam out over a couple hours.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Well, THAT'S Done...

Finally finished the last of the BB Skaven. Actually, they've been done for a week or two, but my back started giving me grief about then, so hobby-related activities have been pretty far from my mind since then.

These bozos.

What passes for my photography backdrop bit the dust a while ago too, so you get ugly painting desk pictures until I can be arsed to cobble something together. Quite the eclectic gathering in the background.

All da rat bois.

So yay, they're done - until/unless I get my hands on the four variant sculpts that I lack, as well as the 2 star player skaven (Hackflem Skuttlespike and the single-headed, 4 armed mutant from this era).