Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ahhh, new blog smell! Here is where I will waffle on about tabletop gaming, miniatures and such when I have time. I am currently taking a Radiology Program, and I have discovered painting miniatures is one of the few things to ease the stress from that - again, when I have the time.

I've recently fallen out of love with large-scale gaming such as Warhammer 40K, and am switching gears to smaller scale stuff, such as Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Matakishi's CROM game and even Fairy Meat of all things. Gotta love small groups of miniature painting projects.

I do like the "Oldhammer" movement, and may attempt to get a Warhammer 3rd edition army together whenever my large-scale battle doldrums end.

And to give this bit of nonsense SOME purpose related to the blog, here is a Talisman Sprite that I painted up a month or so ago for the wife who wanted some sort of fairy for her terrarium project. Probably what got me looking at Fairy Meat...

And yes, it's not based in the picture - rest assured that the base is indifferently covered in green and brown flock like my pictured forest terrain. If you're good, I'll even try to improve my photography skills one day.